Friday, May 27, 2011

Books: Alice and Other Free Books

Let me start by saying they are free...if you own a Kindle. It is possible that these books are free through other eReaders, but I'm not an expert for Nook or Sony or....anyway...

This is on my mind again, these free reads, because A has to read a certain number of points for reading class. A also has a paper that is called a Book Wheel, in which books from different genres and fitting different descriptions (such as 'new release') must be read. While I have a ton of books, I don't have everything and it is getting more difficult to visit a local library around work, school, holidays, and their dwindling hours.

Kindle Free reads to the rescue! A is currently reading Alice in Wonderland because I downloaded it free. We also downloaded Through the Looking Glass. However, one of the complaints on the Amazon site was that this version was not complete - and that ruined it. So take my free read message with a grain of salt when you check it out. Of course, I downloaded some steamy romances :)

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