Thursday, May 12, 2011

Books: Eight Days to Live

I also lost this post, which really sucks because it was twice as long as my previous post. I post when I'm raring to go and I put my thoughts down. Once I've written them they are out of my mind, gone, no returning. &%$#*^@

Well anyway, I summarized the books I was reading or going to read soon. I just don't have the oomph to lay it all out again.

J.D. Robb has three books out from her "In Death" series.
Indulgence in Death (I read and was required to lend it immediately to my MIL ;) )
"Possession in Death" (It is in an anthology called The Other Side.
Treachery in Death (I'm impatiently awaiting paperback or cheaper Kindle version.)

Two more are coming this fall.
New York to Dallas (This breaks the titling mold!)
"Chaos in Death" (Another in an anthology, The Unquiet.)

Iris Johansen also has out a book out that I haven't read, Eight Days to Live, featuring Eve Duncan. My MIL has it on her Kindle, and I hope to figure out how Kindle's lending feature works so I can read it. Johansen also has another coming out in the fall, Chasing the Night.

Happy Reading!

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