Sunday, September 26, 2010

TV: Endings and Beginnings

The endings are the three shows that I haven't given my update for yet. And I'm seriously late on this because life sometimes gets in the way.

Covert Affairs - Way to make us hang from a cliff! I'm glad they brought back the Sri Lanka babe, but I would have preferred to know if he would be significant next season. I still like the show a lot and can't wait for next season.

Lie to Me - The situation between Lightman and his daughter makes me stress about my own kids, but it was entertaining :) I want to see more going on between Monica and Brendan.

Being Human - What can I say? I'm sad about Annie, happy about George and Nina, worried about Mitchell, and itching with anticipation about Herrick.

The beginnings start with...

Bones - Of course they would all come together again. The reason sounded pretty flimsy, and I can't believe everything would just shut down without Brennan. Loved the surprises! I'm looking forward to the next episode.

Biggest Loser - Interesting beginning. They are always switching things up to keep it fresh. Too many reality shows are losing their ratings. B commented that this group looked a little thinner than other seasons, and I think it's due to their start.

House - I'm just plain scared. House is going to make poor Cuddy miserable. I'm not expecting that many surprises, but I like the basic "solve the illness" part of the show.

Warehouse 13 - Cheesy fun as always.

The household has been incredibly busy. Didn't I already say that? Anyway, TV watching is now DVR recording. Watching has dropped down the list.


Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

i love your summary of house. maybe now both he and cuddy will be crazy together!

jo said...

My TV watching is going much the same. To busy to actually watch what I'm recording...when I noticed the DVR hit over 70% full I deleted a couple shows I was recording just to see if I'd like it, but hadn't even watched a single episode so I wasn't married to any of them...then started watching and realized I was three weeks behind. Finally caught up to current on Sunday and now the rest of the week I'll be too busy to watch again, so I'll be a week + behind come the next time I might have time to watch again. Such is life!