Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Books: When She's Bad

Drama, drama drama! Reading this book, When She's Bad by Leanne Banks, was like watching a soap - and that's how you'll have to think of it. Delilah, who didn't have the best life growing up, finds an elder gentleman to take care of. Everyone thinks he's her sugar daddy, but they are really friends. His friendship extends to giving her most of the shares of an exclusive spa when she shows her awesome business sense. Then he dies. His daughter dislikes her and has decided to bring Delilah down.

On top of all that, she's trying to expand the business; she has a handsome, but annoying next door neighbor; there's a blackmailer; and suddenly she gets a small surprise on her doorstep. Like I said drama! However, it's a good "mindless read."

The book is preceded by Some Girls Do and is followed by Trouble in High Heels. They both have to do with Delilah's sisters. They were books #31 and #49 of my summer reads, and I enjoyed them. :)

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