Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Books: Marshmallows for Breakfast

Marshmallows for Breakfast is British chick lit with a twist - an interracial element.

In this book by Dorothy Koomson, Kendra becomes a lodger in the studio above the garage of a family. Only when she gets settled in she finds the mother is gone and she's got a distraught father and his six year old twins as her landlords. It is complicated for all involved.

The story moves along which is good. Just when I'd think there was too much explanation something interesting would happen. I thought Kendra was a little silly with things, but she had been through some trauma, one I'd never faced myself. Who am I to say I'd never react that way? Otherwise she was a strong character. So were the others.

What killed me was the ending. Koomson doesn't seem to be fond of happy endings. I know I'm making a broad statement like that without having read any of her other books (which I've listed below and all of which are interracial), but I have read the reviews. At least 3 of the six books I found at Amazon have reviews indicating an unresolved or less than happy ending. Koomson seems to focus more on her character development and resolution of the character angst than on any romance, no matter how much it is hinted in the story.

Although unsatisfied with the endings I may read another of her books because she does tell a good story.

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