Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TV: Fall Lineup

The fall lineup is long out from TV Guide. I like the little table format laying out each day for us, even putting in what shows will disappear and appear through sports and reality shows. I was waiting for Ain't It Cool's view because he usually gives us a little preview of the new shows, but as of my writing (yeah, back in late August) there isn't anything. I will add an update if necessary.

Back to the lineup. Here's a run down of my nights.
Monday: NBC/8=Heroes; FOX/8=House...9=Lie to Me
Tuesday: NBC/8=The Biggest Loser
Wednesday: NOTHING, but I might like Eastwick ABC/10
Thursday: FOX/8=Bones...9=Fringe; CW/9=Supernatural; CBS/9=CSI
Friday: CBS/8=Ghost Whisperer...9=Medium...10/Numb3rs; FOX/9=Dollhouse; ABC/9=Ugly Betty
Saturday: NADA
Sunday: ZIP, but I might end up watching Family Guy FOX/9

While I'm interested in what ABC can do with Eastwick, B wants to see what they can do with The Forgotten. So we may be watching that as well. There are some heavy nights with so much on, I won't be able to keep my head straight. In comes our wonderful cable complete with DVR and OnDemand. Take a look at the line up and make your plans before the shows premiere. You might look at some of the new shows by going to the network page and watching their promos. :)


jo said...

I was so behind in reading your blog...I feel bad. But now I'm caught up...and boy am I glad I have that DVR..you're right some nights just have too many good things on!


PurpleNepenthe said...

You come. You read. I'm happy :)

It's really good that the Hatchlings round will be over too. Can't let that keep me from watching!