Saturday, September 19, 2009

Books: Old Books

I haven't been able to read and one book I want to write about will work best in October. So I went searching my bookshelves for something I wanted to share - and found nothing... until I spotted Checklist for Expectant Mothers. It was a book I picked up from a Goodwill store years ago. Even then it was just for fun - it was written in 1965.

Talk about funny. To be fair, there is a lot of advice in the book that really still applies to today. However, the stuff that doesn't is so far off it's alien. For one, the book recommends that you talk to your doctor about your smoking and drinking habits as in, how much can you still do. Especially because you'll need those cigarettes and a lighter in your hospital bag. Another is the constant reference to your MALE doctor. Maybe they just used he to be easy, but I highly doubt it.

There are 2 full pages about the steps required to sanitize cloth diapers. Rinse immediately and store in a container of disinfectant. Three hot water rinses, four sudsings, six rinsings, thirty minute boil, vinegar rinse, spin dry, doctor recommended antiseptic treatment, and finally line dry. That would have put me off having kids right there.

I got a good laugh at clothing recommendations to stay away from bright dresses and prints. You know, so as not to draw attention to your changing shape. There is absolutely no advice at all about wearing pants - because you wouldn't do that at all (I'm exaggerating, it just isn't on the list of good dos). Definitely ask yourself if your husband would enjoy seeing you in a particular maternity outfit before buying.

Don't even get me started on the paragraphs describing how well rested your husband should be before going to work so he can't be bothered with you or baby at all. In fact, he needs to come home to a "quiet, restfull, well organized house and a fresh looking wife."

Lastly, there are the financials. How much does having a baby in a hospital cost? $160 dollars a day. I know! But it doesn't make up for making arrangements to have your husband's meals and clothing taken care of while you're away.


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