Monday, September 7, 2009

Chocolate: Recipes

This is a really short blog entry. Some recipes I've found...

Kevin at his Closet Cooking blog featured a recipe for chocolate cheesecake. The photo is truly drool worthy. The only travesty of his site is the severe lack of chocolate tags so I can locate the chocolate recipes easier.

A while ago B. wanted me to try this recipe for making a chocolate cake in a mug. I can't find the one he emailed me, but here's one from WikiHow.

Chocolate Cookies from Nathalie at SerialCooking, le blog. They look delicious! Beware some of the recipe includes metric measurements.

For some reason we can't keep fresh eggs in our house (Not true, I can't eat eggs anymore, but the statement sounded good.) I found this recipe which really intrigued me at The Natural Madison Blog. The cake is make with a can of pumpkin and chocolate cake mix. How easy is that?

I haven't tried any of these recipes...yet. Time is kinda short around here. But I really hope to try at least the egg free one soon. Enjoy! Oh, and if you try one comment about it please.

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