Saturday, July 18, 2009

TV: Warehouse 13

Syfy, no longer SciFi, has debuted a new show called Warehouse 13. Basically it's the warehouse from Raiders where they put that ark into a wooden box. There are other wooden boxes in the warehouse each containing items with unusual properties. The warehouse is watched over by some special branch of the FBI, head honcho, played by C. C. H. Pounder, and quirky watcher, played by Saul Rubinek. Similar to X-Files, two FBI agents, a no nonsense practical woman, played by Joanne Kelly, and a paranormal sensitive man, played by Eddie McClintock, are recruited to help "bag and tag" more unusual items.

With the basic plot out of the way, it's a shame that it sounds so much like other shows because I think it has potential. They are just beginning to scratch the surface of the characters. I believe there is a lot of depth that we haven't seen yet. Also, there are hints of several larger more difficult hurdles than the single episode item collection.

It's not without it's quirks. One thing that takes getting used to is the devices used for completing their tasks. They look old fashioned but are really more advanced than our current computers, cellphones, etc. Hopefully it will stay on long enough for us to get used to it.

Tuesday nights on Syfy.

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