Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Books: Heiress for Hire

I'm in full on fluff mode for the summer because the books I want will cost me an arm, a leg, and a severe loss of square footage in my house, thus I must use the library. Don't get me wrong, I love the library, but the books I want are just not available (Not there at all or already checked out). Since I only have a short time to enjoy books I can't spend days on multiple hold lists. Fluff is in my immediate future.

I scoured the aisles looking for any book that would tide me over until I could look through more book recommendations at Amazon (from the thriller books and authors I like) and found Heiress for Hire by Erin McCarthy. Basically rich girl ends up stuck in the boonies without money, but with a hunky farmer who just found out he was a father to an 8 year old.

I really enjoyed it. One, the personalities of the main characters jumped out at me. I liked them and the supporting characters. Two, it was doggone funny. Sixty-five percent of the reviewers on Amazon gave the book 5 stars.

I'm off to read another of her books now, but couldn't resist checking on the fluff piece that leads to this one, A Date With the Other Side. The reviews for this one weren't as positive, which is a shame because the main characters are mentioned in Heiress. While not true for Heiress IMHO, many reviewers felt her other books were high on the horizontal mambo and low on plot or character development.

I won't recommend Erin McCarthy as an author (yet?), but if you're looking for a little romance try this book.

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