Monday, July 6, 2009

Books: Judi McCoy

I've only been able to make it to the library twice:( and the plan was to go to more than one library because the selection would be different. Especially with romance books. A combination of factors have kept me from making a third trip: sickies, house cleaning goal, and the kiddos not finishing the books they checked out. This latter to be rectified pretty quickly.

This was a problem because the book I wanted (next book on my list from Robb's series) is on hold and others are not at my branch of the library. In the meantime, I will write a little about a couple of books by Judi McCoy. Unlike some of the other authors I like to read (Former romance novelists turned thriller), McCoy focuses on the romance. The fluff stuff. I refuse to be embarrassed by my affinity for the romance novel. So there.

Anyway, McCoy likes to write trilogies and I read one book from each of two trilogies. Making Over Mr. Right is the third in a goddess series (One Night with a Goddess, Almost a Goddess) in which three muses are sent to earth to inspire mortals and fulfill their destinies. One condition from their father Zeus is that they not fall in love with a mortal. Well, you know that isn't going to happen. That theme follows in the book...that you know something is or isn't going to happen. There were no surprises, just a straight-forward falling in love stuff. The biggest hurdle to overcome is the love/mortal thing.

The other book I read, Match Made in Heaven, and its partners (Heaven in Your Eyes, Heaven Sent) focus on a guardian angel whose job it is to make people find and marry their soulmates. In these three books he is getting cast-offs from the full-fledged guardians and is trying to get a promotion. There was a little more of a barrier here in the woman's inability to be less rigid, the man's horrible secret, and obstacles for the guardian angel. Still there weren't many if any real twists or turns.

The thing is that now I want to read the other four books, just to complete the trilogy. I wouldn't recommend these books if you like a little adventure, but if you're looking for simple fluff...

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