Saturday, April 4, 2009

TV: Product Placement

Nothing seems to ruin B's mood while watching TV more than product placement. He was actually agog when Eureka used Degree antiperspirant as a product so scientifically advanced that it was developed in Global Dynamic's lab. I've learned to ignore it, and seem to notice when they blur the products instead. I actually like the idea of product placement when it isn't blatant. It makes me think the situation on whatever show I'm watching is a little more realistic. It is actually weird to see people eating ridiculous unknown products. The last time I heard B groan was during an episode of The Biggest Loser. So it isn't surprising to find out that the show is listed on Wiki as the show with the most instances of product placement. Also, they are more prevalent in reality shows. Eh, I think I'm okay with it. Does it bother you?

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jo said...

We've been talking about Product Placement in Marketing and in Mass Communications for the last couple of weeks. The show that kills me is Biggest Loser. It is nearly a two hour infomercial at this point. Sky and I compete to name the product endorsement first. It is getting worse too, but since companies are cutting down on ad space, product placement in TV shows or movies is a way to continue to make money to produce the shows. We call it bad TV, but Marketer's call it smart marketing! One of the gaming companies was say that a lot of the product placement in video games is done for free on both sides because the product will endorse the game and the game the product. It's a way for both products to get free publicity and no money needs to change hands.
Hope you are enjoying your spring break!