Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chocolate: Caffarel Eccellenza Piemontese...

Puro Cioccolato Extra-Fondente Cacao 70%

That's a mouthful! I went off to read a couple of reviews of Caffarel and learned a bit about the brand. Their Fondente doesn't contain milk, which makes for a bitter chocolate. While I'm all for trying out the dark, I've found my favorite darks have some milk. So not my favorite. To be fair the bottom of the package does say 70% bitter chocolate. No picture, though I looked.

B has taken to buying me chocolate he finds at this store near where he works. It is nice because I won't go off and buy chocolate myself much anymore :( He usually gets something I haven't tried that's on sale because that hard core stuff can be expensive.

I wanted to direct you to this interesting bit from Candy Blog. It is one of the Caffarel reviews but somewhere in the middle Cybele, the blogger, talks about chocolate bloom with some handy tips for avoiding it. :)

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