Monday, March 2, 2009

Miscellaneous: Hatchlings

Facebook. Yes, I joined, collected friends, posted pictures, and currently let people know how boring my life really is. I'm pretty good about ignoring requests and refusing to poke, but you know what has me on Facebook every day? Hatchlings.

Apparently, one of the applications is all about collecting eggs, Easter eggs. They come in different colors and have special edition eggs that fit with special occasions or holidays. These eggs have since morphed into hatching eggs. Little creatures appear after about a half an hour and need to be fed. A little meter line below the creature tells you if they are happy (well fed). If they aren't taken care of they run away. Which isn't such a bad thing when you collect 128 (The limit for the number of hatchlings you can keep at one time) because it means you'd need to find 128 eggs or more every day.

Of course I'm addicted. I collect and feed my hatchlings hoping I will get a special edition egg or find an egg to incubate (how you get a hatchling) that I don't already have. I collect eggs by going to profiles of those with the same Hatchling application. They have "baskets" which are just patches of grass. The person who got me hooked on Hatchlings has a ton of people signed up. So she just visits all their profiles and collects. I have 4. I've been able to keep my little creatures fed by going to a site with links to baskets. They're like little Tamagotchis. I loved my Tamagotchi.

I'm trying to get this cute purple armadillo now...


jo said...

Sorry I got you hooked on Hatchlings!LOL...not really, but I feel the addiction too. You can also steal eggs from people in your network. On your basket page look at your network ranking and click on a name, if that person has a basket you can steal their eggs as well. When you get to the bottom of the the list on your page click on the last person and once their page downloads click a second time in the empty area under network rankings, it'll re-load with the next list down and you can continue until you reach a person with 0 eggs as long as there isn't more than 5 people with the same number of eggs found. I hope that made sense. I have 17 friends, but can access about 60 or 70 people in my network.
I'm looking for the blue armadillo myself!LOL

PurpleNepenthe said...

You are so lucky! I don't have a local network, but I tried to see their baskets anyway. No go. So I'm stuck with my Links to Eggs. It hasn't been very fruitful this weekend though :(