Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chocolate: Blizzards

There was trouble in paradise. A wasn't completing her homework as she should have. If you know me that was a big blow to my ego for obvious reasons. However, I was able to avert disaster by rewarding the turkey with ice cream each week for a homework job well done. M wasn't left out. That turkey wouldn't get dressed until 20 minutes before I left for work. If she's dressed by 6am she gets ice cream too.

So to my point...I've been indulging in Dairy Queen. Never fear I've shed enough pounds to go shopping this weekend :o) The three blizzards I've had recently are cookie dough, mint oreo, and turtle.

Cookie Dough - I love cookie dough ice cream and couldn't wait to get it in a blizzard. It didn't live up to my expectations. I can't describe it. It just tasted kind of bland even with the cookie dough bits. If I try this one again I'm going to request chocolate ice cream.

Mint Oreo - This one was fairly tasty. My favorite blizzard is the oreo so I knew it would taste good. The problem was with the mint. It was a syrup which didn't get blended properly. Let me tell you, straight syrup is nasty.

Turtle - I was pleasantly surprised by the turtle. The best part was getting the little bits of caramel. It was also pretty well mixed and I could taste the nuts throughout the ice cream.

I know this wasn't really a chocolate post, but the most chocolate I've had for awhile has been a bite sized Snickers and an extra large Hershey Kiss.


jo said...

Blizzards are a Favorite of Sky and my B, but Jonah and I prefer Chocolate dipped cones, he, with chocolate ice cream, me with vanilla. However, the double chocolate brownie blizzard, chocolate ice cream, chocolate fudge and brownie bites is a taste good treat~ Enjoy one next time you get a chance~

PurpleNepenthe said...

You said chocolate three times in that blizzard. I am so there.