Thursday, February 17, 2011

Men: Fire Fighters

We live in a house on a lot with a fire hydrant. One day I noticed that the cap wasn't screwed on quite right. I tried to twist it myself with no success, but we live fairly close to a fire station. So after work one day I stopped by and told them, saying I didn't know who to notify for such an insignificant little thing. The nice firefighters said they'd stop by during one of their drills and fix it :) Nice guys. One was a nice, cute guy. I've kept an eye out since then, waiting to see if any of them are outside working on the truck when I've passed. You the truck...

Don't you think they are a disproportionate number of attractive firefighters out there? Okay maybe not, but certainly muscle laden. Follow this link for a video and pictures. Judge for yourself ;)

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