Friday, February 11, 2011

Books: The Perfect Murder

1. So so plot. Man, whose ex-wife and son are murdered, believes the deed was done by the new husband. The husband is dead, but he believes the husband is alive and getting away with murder (har har). In the meantime, a woman who works for this organization (part of the series) has a case which involves the not really dead husband. Parts of the story were hard to swallow. I like twists and turns, but this turned me off.

2. This, The Perfect Murder by Brenda Novak, should not have been my first read by this author. The series which implies that there are a lot of fans of the books and there are quite a few giving reviews at Amazon.

3. To sum up, I will eventually read another book just to determine if the series is really any good, but if it doesn't measure up - I won't be reading Novak again.

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