Friday, August 27, 2010

TV: Fall 2010

TV Guide has a schedule for fall, 2010. I checked it out so I could see what was new I might be interested in and look for changes. Here's what I'll be watching:

Chuck, 8pm, NBC
House, 8pm, Fox

Biggest Loser, 8pm, NBC

Lie to Me, 8pm, Fox

Bones, 8pm, Fox
Fringe, 9pm, Fox

Medium, 8pm, CBS
Who Do You Think You Are, 8pm, NBC
Supernatural, 9pm, CW

Saturday and Sunday are a wash. I might be interested in Body of Proof on ABC Fridays. I haven't looked into our other networks...USA and Syfy. Just in case you didn't know Being Human (BBC America) has been on. They show a whole season in advance in the UK, but I'm trying really hard not to peek. :) Our household is also currently watching Psych and Covert Affairs.


Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

monday, house and thursday, bones for sure.

what is 'who do you think you are'?

PurpleNepenthe said...

Here's the link to my post:

You commented that you heard about it but hadn't seen it. Maybe this season you can catch an episode or two! :) I watch it on OnDemand or watch video at NBC.

PurpleNepenthe said...

Oh, and I'm so on that first couple of House episodes!