Saturday, August 21, 2010

Men: "Auggie Anderson"

Geek/Nerd: Auggie Anderson
Show/Movie: Covert Affairs
Actor Name: Christopher Gorham
Year of Birth: 1974
Status: Married (Anel Lopez Gorham)
Height: 6'
Fun Fact: Licensed Auctioneer

I was thinking I liked this guy when he was on Ugly Betty, but they kept the nerd in his thick glasses. Now he's on Covert Affairs playing a geek. It's sweet that he's a family man with 3 children. His wife is beautiful and a childhood sweetheart - lucky guy.

So look at the photos. What do you think?
Henry on Ugly Betty; Auggie on Covert Affairs; Just him :) ( credit)


Sixthirtythree said...

How funny! I just saw him on an episode of Ugly Betty last night and I never watch Ugly Betty.

And I'm wearing purple and white black today! How cool is that! Coincedences! :)

PurpleNepenthe said...

Are you saying you identify most with Henry? ;) LOL!