Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chocolate: Divine Chocolates

You know your significant other is the best when you complain that your next chocolate post is coming up and he buys chocolate without being told :)

B purchased Divine Chocolate in Milk and 70% Dark. So far I've eaten two small squares of each. I don't feel quite equipped yet to give my opinion - I usually eat the whole bar first. At this moment in time, there isn't anything about the chocolate that stands out. The dark is decent, not really bitter, the requisite fruity taste, good color and snap. I'll say it held up better in the summer heat than the milk. The milk wasn't too sweet, but was really soft because of the temps here.

It was good chocolate - both pieces melted real nice. But I may come back and write more when my palate is cleansed (just at dinner) and the bars are more fully consumed.


Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

haha, what a great guy. you know i'm not really into chocolate, but whenever i'm not feeling well my hubby goes out and buys me either a kit kat or an almond joy (the only two chocolate products i enjoy). i've actually been on a crazy almond joy kick recently! can't get enough, but that's because i'm a fan of coconut, and some people just don't like it.

go ahead, eat the entire bar!


PurpleNepenthe said...

I LOVE Almond Joys - more than Mounds because I prefer nuts in my chocolate. Yeah, B's a great guy :) We're celebrating our anniversary this weekend so I'm hoping to get in some wonderful chocolate confection for dessert. I'm a big coconut fan, too. There's those Brach's Neopolitan cubes that I love.