Sunday, February 28, 2010

TV: Olympics

I was extremely ambivalent about the Winter Olympics.
"Why isn't my show on?"
"Oh, is that starting tonight?"

Then I started watching. I was excited to see JR Creski because he'd shown the Biggest Loser contestants his gigantic scar and had shown them how to slide on that thingie. The short track races scared me. Those guys were so close to each other. I thought surely there'd been more skaters with big gashes in their legs. I was jumping out of my seat when the Koreans knocked themselves out and Ohno and Creski won their first medals.

I became a critic when I watched the women doing the downhill and cringed at the crashes. I got frustrated with the commenter (the woman) when she criticized Vonn for favoring her good leg before winning a medal. Geez Louise! She won! I don't care why she almost lost control at the end of her run.

I fell in love (metaphorically) with the Canadian Curlers... one player in particular who'll make an appearance in my blog shortly :) I had known absolutely nil about the sport and by the end of the day I could pick out their strategies. I breathed a massive sigh of relief when they beat the British. And cheered when they won the gold yesterday.

I cheered the Chinese Li Nina when she made those nearly flawless jumps. That woman was amazing.

With sports I'm a little inconsistent. I have no idea whether I'll be this excited during the London summer games in a couple of years or whether I'll be looking for the same guys that did so well in Vancouver when they get to Sochi (although I may keep an eye on a certain curler...) But I'm no longer ambivalent about these games. I might even watch closing ceremonies.


Oh to be a Muse said...

i was just watching the closing ceremonies. i really enjoyed the ladies figure skating, and loved that Canadian joanie rochette (wrong spelling) won the bronze. so great for her.

and the female commentator was probably mary carillo--she comments for tennis too and is just as obnoxious.

PurpleNepenthe said...

I watched a little, but I wasn't feeling well today and it's school picture day tomorrow - I have a lot to prepare for (er, prepare the kids for).

She (Carillo) didn't get any less annoying later either LOL.

Rochette was the one whose mother died, right? That is good!

Thanks for dropping by :)

jo said...

I enjoyed the games too, but wasn't all that impressed with the NBC coverage. I understood the crappy coverage when it was being sent from China on in an opposite time zone, but from Canada, we're talking 1-3 hours max time difference for US viewers and you saved up all the day stuff to show and cut all the night stuff down to nothing...really...didn't want to have full day coverage like they used to. I didn't get it. And even if you caught coverage on MSNBC or CNBC it was usually of hockey games. I caught better coverage off the internet.
Okay, stepping down from the soap box. ;-)

PurpleNepenthe said...

LOL! I've been contemplating watching things I missed on OnDemand. Not sure that will fix the coverage issue. I didn't even think about it because we always have issues with seeing things on TV. Oh well.