Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Books: When She Was Bad

Loved this fluff! When She Was Bad by Cindy Kirk

Jenny is your typical shy, nerdy, hard worker who gets passed over for a promotion and decides she needs to live more dangerously. Spurred on by a friend she sleeps with Robert and falls in love. Problem? She lied about who she is (becoming someone who is her polar opposite) and can't find the guts to confess.

I loved the characters because they spoke to me. A book that has characters that I relate to always gets a higher recommendation. Which is not always fair because everyone is different, and what I liked about the main character may strike no chord whatsoever with anyone else. I loved the whole good girl goes bad, because I wish I had done that when I was younger! Well, maybe not to that extent. I (contrary to at least one review at Amazon) liked the hot scenes. They weren't too serious rather fun and mostly lighthearted.

I also really like when an author creates connections...the main character says this because you read on page blah, blah, blah that she... It wasn't as subtle as I usually feel comfortable with, but I was 'oh, yeah!' -ing a lot.

I initially thought I'd like to read a few more of her books, but the only book not a Harlequin has a good bad review for it. Meaning, the review was good and the book could have been better. So... maybe we'll give Kirk time to become a bit more established and see what she churns out.

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Oh to be a Muse said...

i may just add this to my reads. if you're not already on there, you should consider joining goodreads.com. great forum!