Saturday, February 13, 2010

TV: American Idol

What have I done?

Apparently missed one of my favorite parts of one of my most watched shows. I've missed American Idol auditions. I suppose I should be happy that most of the show hasn't aired. I should still be able to see the favorite singers select their songs, receive their criticisms, and either move on or get chucked.

But I love the screeching noises some of the contestants emit. You know, the ones they call singing. I love laughing at the comments of the judges, and I actually think Simon was accurate in his assessements. The way I'm going on you'd think I'd be more upset that I missed all the action, but I've been so preoccupied with all the other TV awesomeness that I haven't felt the need to get caught up.

Supernatural is almost at its end, and I will miss the gorgeous face of Jensen Ackles. Ugly Betty is going away and I'm afraid of what the producers will consider a good end. Lost is wrapping up and my anticipation level for that end is equal to the distance to the sun.

Maybe trying to watch this season, Simon's last, is a futile effort. You tell me.


Oh to be a Muse said...

well i've never been a fan of american idol. it's just not my thing--and i love singing (but maybe that's why).

if you missed the auditions go ahead and watch them on youtube. all the screeching you never wanted to hear (and "pants on the ground" of course).

i may catch some of hollywood week to see how ellen fares.

PurpleNepenthe said...

YouTube? Awesome! Thanks for the hint. I want to see how Ellen is doing too. I've heard she's just as harsh as Simon. :)

Oh to be a Muse said...

haha, great! can't wait to see her.