Thursday, August 20, 2009

Books: Generation T

My book post is a little late (If you didn't notice then ignore that previous remark.) The reason is that the books I wanted to write about hadn't yet been delivered by Amazon.

Backstory: After dinner with B one night, we took the kidless opportunity to walk around a bookstore and just browse. This book on modifying t-shirts caught my eye, but I didn't buy it thinking that I could come back later and make sure that this was a good t-shirt modifying book (as opposed to a bad one, you know.) Well, it's a good book. Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-shirt

Lots of no sew options as well as sew options. It will be awesome as the kiddos become teenos because a lot of the styles have a young look to them. That doesn't mean there aren't a whole lot of choices for the older set. Many of the crisscross tying and safety pin methods could easily be sewn and the halters could have straps and the skirts could be made longer. Just getting the ideas is the first step to using many of the unused t-shirts in my wardrobe.

I have two in particular, mens tees, that I bought specifically to modify and haven't yet. I also have some that are too small that would be perfect for the kiddos (A needs a cute, short dress to wear with leggings.) Before I get started though, I have to look through the sequel, Generation T, Beyond Fashion: 120 New Ways to Transform a T-shirt. I can't wait. And you shouldn't either. Check it out at the bookstore first.

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