Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chocolate: Haagen Dazs

A quickie and always a hit with me is Haagen Dazs. Just had some of the chocolate with dark chocolate coating. The ice cream is really creamy and the dark chocolate is perfect. I used to prefer the vanilla with milk chocolate and almonds. Yum! And I probably still do, but I haven't had any recently. To round off this short post, there's another favorite following the theme in an unlikely place: Costco. There vanilla bars with chocolate is rolled so thickly with almonds its nearly heavenly. No the ice cream and chocolate aren't perfect, but the almonds....mmmm.

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jo said...

This is my favorite chocolate ice cream treat. I have to hide them from my family, so I usually purchase them a 1/2 gal of something and hide these in the bottom of the deep freeze. I'm pissed when I've discovered my husbby ate them.