Sunday, August 7, 2011

Miscellaneous: Restaurant Food

We went to a comedy club recently and saw Greg Proops. While the three comedians were pretty funny, something Proops said had me recalling something else I had said an hour before about some restaurant food.

He described a food item that was over the top. Something like (and these are my words because I couldn't repeat anything close to what he said) Lemon grilled salmon on rosemary ciabatta bread with sundried tomatoes, arugula, mango chutney, and lobster mayo; Romaine caesar salad with onion grilled sardines, asiago cheese, and dusted with black truffle; basil potato fries (marscapone sauce for dipping).


Basically I want to go to a restaurant with food I can recognize. I think some of these chefs don't even know what they're cooking anymore. It just sounds cool.

At least the words were something I was familiar with even if the combination of them was insane. I really hate it when I can't read foreign language foods and the restaurant is too posh to put a description for us mortals.

I didn't take French in high school, so what the heck is this: quiche aux legumes- pâte feuilletée, crème fraiche, frisée salad

or tian
or haricot vert
or nicoise

Nor did I take Italian....pappardelle, mignonette, cioppino, or carpaccio.

Suffice to say I am not a foodie. Give me a pepperoni pizza please.

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