Saturday, October 23, 2010

Miscellaneous: Tangled!

At work, no biggie. Spy bright pink in my "mailbox." What's this?

Admit two for special screening of Tangled! What's that?

Disney's new animation of Rapunzel. Will it be any good? It is Disney. It's a school night, but A & M have to go.

Make plans. Get homework done. Not sure what to expect. "First come, first seated. No guarantees." Go early. Starts at 7 arrive at 5:30. Wait.



Lady in a suit says, "No cell phones. No cameras." Put 'em in the car or bag 'n tag 'em. Mine went to the car. Man, the calves hurt from that detour.


Why are we waiting? It's 6:45.

Bold "waiter" asks someone. Answer? The rep's not here. That sucks.

Rep arrives. We overhear, "Soccer group of 35 gets pre admittance." Wha? More like a group of FIFTY! Grumble.

Good thing we're in the first 15 after the FIFTY.

Finally in. The FIFTY didn't get a section - they took the whole dang theater and saved seats for their friends down the line. Grumble louder.


One of the FIFTY pukes. Lights on high, clean up. Growl and grumble.

7:15 movie starts. Like YEA!

Cool. Laugh. Wow. Laugh. Nice. Ohh. Sweet.

Thumbs up :)

Go see it. November 22, 2010.

Don't bring the FIFTY.


jo said...

That sounds like an experience. I think we might have to see this film though. Thanks for the review!

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...


i went to a pre-screening of The Town and the theater decided to have this boy group from another country come and perform before the show. it was soooooooo annoying...but i guess it was worth it for free tickets, especially since it was a great movie.

Now i am a bit more interested in Tangled. I know the voice of the male character is the guy from Chuck.