Thursday, October 14, 2010

Books: Wishes and New Year's

Several of my summer reads were by Christie Ridgway. I happened to catch them at the library before someone else picked them up. They still had clear, crisp covers and snapped shut if you tried to put them down open. I should have known then I would enjoy them. I continued to read Ridgway's books over the summer so in this post I will focus on two.

Wish You Were Here focuses on Zoe, an island girl, who coaxes Yeager, an injured astronaut, out of his shell and who isn't too comfortable when his attention turns to her. There is a sub plot in Zoe's sister and Yeager's friend Deke. It was a nice little romance that all came together in a nice little bundle with a few little surprises. It also had some obvious which is par for the course in a romance.

Not Another New Year's is about Hannah, a woman determined to break out of her schoolmarm reputation by leaving town (when her luggage and purse get stolen) and deciding to sleep with a man after getting truly sloshed. Turns out the guy, Tanner, is a friend of her family and was asked to watch over her. The bar is owned by Tanner's brother who along with another woman becomes a secondary romance as well as a source of danger for Hannah.

Apparently New Year's is preceded by Must Love Mistletoe, which I'll have to find and read.

I will definitely read more of her books!

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