Thursday, June 10, 2010

Miscellaneous: Friendship bracelets

Do you remember them? Well, they're still popular among the younger set. In fact, I happen to be instructing a bunch of young minds soon, and thought I'd share some of the fun ones. There used to be books everywhere, but they are so easy to make that no one really thinks of them as being so mysterious (you know, back in the day). So anyway, the three I'm sharing are made with knots.

The first is a kind of spiral. I made a really long one in my favorite colors to hold my badge for work - it lasted 2 years! Girls Scouts has a picture with the knotting technique which is really simple.

The second uses the same knot as the spiral only on repeat. This one is flat and requires you to use the same color but on individual strands one at a time. This link calls it the Candy Stripe and has instructions. Also, a Klutz site with great pictures here.

The third and final share is one that actually uses a macrame technique. Yeah, that weird sixties and seventies stuff. When you really think about the whole friendship bracelet concept, it is all macrame. Anyway, it is a half or flat knot, which is half of a box or square knot. That same half gets repeated over and over. It looks very cool (at least those kids I'm working with said so)! There are directions for making the knot here - only doing part 1. There is a video here. It is so quick you may have to watch it three times if you use it for directions. It's better to look at the video for the final product.

Three things the kids forget: keep the strands pulled tight as you make the knots or the unknotted strands bunch up, always follow the knotting pattern - one wrong loop and it all goes south, and that practice makes perfect!

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