Sunday, October 9, 2011

TV: American Horror Story

I watched the premiere of this show and I will likely never watch it again. It was that creepy.

Okay, so if you like horror I say, "Go for it." But let me set this up for you a little.

This family, Vivien, Ben, and their teenager Violet, are moving into this house with major history. They are going because Vivien caught Ben cheating while she was pregnant with a stillborn baby. They are trying to work things out even though Vivien can't forget what Ben did, Ben is bending over backward trying to be loving, and Violet (depressed as all) nearly hates both of them - Vivien for letting Ben come back and Ben for his betrayal.

Now that you got that, add the truly wickedness this house has, the freakin' crazy neighbors, and the creepy that is the promotional poster. I mean that's supposed to be a pregnant Vivien and that latex clad man on the ceiling may be the father - it's not Ben. I've been having nightmares.

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